About Me.

Hi. Thanks for the visit. This page is used as a sort of informal CV.
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At a glance

2015 - 2019: MEng Civil Engineering @ University of Nottingham

2015 - 2018: Undergraduate placements with Balfour Beatty & Taylor Woodrow/VINCI UK

2019: Graduate with first class honours MEng Civil Engineering

2019 - 2023: Studying for PhD within Nottingham Centre for Geomechanics @ University of Nottingham

PhD Research Overview

The aim of my PhD is to investigate the behaviour of soil-structure interfaces, and improve the models engineers currently use to predict their behaviour. Interfaces occur in every single civil engineering project where man-made materials meet the ground. Rather oddly in respect of this fact, their behaviour is not widely understood, and vast amounts of resources are spent over-engineering their designs to stave off failure from wear over long periods of time. With a global effort to produce performance-driven design, a better understanding the physical mechanisms governing interface behaviour and how that may change over time, is crucial. A lack of full understanding of how the engineered world responds to wear can often lead to catastrophe. My supervisors are Dr Charles Heron, Professor Alec Marshall and Professor Glenn McDowell.

Other Projects

Outside the scope of my PhD work I support the research group’s efforts in other areas, namely teaching and centrifuge modelling.

Underground Pumped Hydraulic Storage

In cooperation with Aarhus University and University of Cambridge, I work on centrifuge modelling of an underground hydraulic energy storage solution. Publications are being worked on currently…



Under Review

## Other Interests

I’ve got something of an addiction for sports, training for ‘half-distance’ triathlons, cycling road racing, golf, oh and football too. When I’m not training I’m probably cooking or playing chess.